SSAA welcomes arrests

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc. said today that it welcomed news that New South Wales and Queensland police had made arrests in relation to the illegal trafficking of illegal firearms.

SSAA spokesperson Mr Gary Fleetwood, said “Illegal firearm use by criminals has risen in our community and to see valuable police resources achieving results in relation to this type of crime is welcomed by our Association of some 125,000 members. This is exactly the outcome law abiding firearm owners in this country want to see.”

“We will follow with interest the outcome of these arrests, in particular the penalties handed out to individuals who have disregarded the community's disgust at the use of illegal firearms by criminals.” Mr Fleetwood said.

“The efforts by both state and federal authorities to eliminate illegal trafficking in illegal firearms has the total support of this Association. The Carr government's initiatives in relation to confronting gun-related crime on the streets coupled with massive tightening of border controls implemented by the Federal Minister for Justice and Customs Senator Chris Ellison will eventually reduce the occurrence of illegal guns being used in crime.” Mr Fleetwood said.

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