SSAA WA joins WA Firearms Community Alliance

An update from the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia Western Australia (SSAA WA).


SSAA WA representatives joined leaders of WA grassroots target shooting and hunting groups, outdoor enthusiasts, land managers, politicians and industry to collaborate and safeguard the future of law-abiding firearm owners in in WA.

The WA Government’s proposals for a rewrite of the Firearms Act began in March 2022 and have subjected all WA firearm owners to nothing more than a campaign of attacks on our integrity. We are all tired of the constant focus on creating fear in the broader community around legal firearm ownership and use.

The WA Firearms Symposium was a ground-breaking event in the history of our community and resulted in a monumental ‘gathering of clans’ determined to concentrate resources and allow us and other group leaders to join together to inform the WA Firearms Community Alliance (WAFCA).

The aim was to create a united and consistent approach to communicating and advocating to the government while campaigning for the implementation of the 143 recommendations made in the 2016 Law Reform Commission (LRC) report on the WA Firearms Act. The Alliance agreed that it will not allow the WA Government to cherry pick the LRC’s report recommendations to suit their agenda and is partnering with former Law Reform Commissioner Professor Augusto Zimmerman to ramp up the fight.

Now is a time for collaboration and communication in our community. We look forward to sharing more great news from the Alliance and our involvement moving forward, as the respected WA firearm groups strengthen their ties and demand our voices are heard as one and legitimate legislation is drafted.

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