SSAA TV attracts one million views

As of last month, SSAA TV has accumulated more than one million total views from all of our videos. For those of you who don’t know, our very own YouTube channel, SSAA TV, showcases a number of how-to videos about our shooting disciplines, shooting and hunting techniques, butchering your quarry, firearm maintenance and more. There’s something for all of our members on SSAA TV and like most things online, no doubt you’ve watched one video only to find yourself caught up watching a whole series of videos.

On SSAA TV you can watch full playlists of videos which follow a certain theme. For example, our videos about shotgun and rifle tips have proven to be very popular, with our How to lead a target when shotgun shooting video in particular helping thousands of people improve their shooting. Our guides to Cleaning your firearms and Buying your first rifle are also very popular.

It’s also worth remembering that all the episodes from the great SSAA-sponsored television series Hunting the Menu are available for free on SSAA TV. That’s all six episodes ready to rewatch at your convenience. But wait there’s more! Our Field to Fork series, made by the team from Hunting the Menu, is also available to watch at any time. In that series, the team walk you through how to sight-in your rifle, followed by how to hunt deer and how to field dress and butcher your deer, before finishing up by demonstrating some great venison recipes you can try at home.

Our latest video explains the new name and new look of SSAA Insurance Brokers, which is now known as SSAA General Insurance Brokers. In the video, National Manager Trevor Jenkin discusses the importance of business insurance and how it can help SSAA members as well as the SSAA. Insurance may less exciting than hunting for some, but it’s an important subject and certainly one worth thinking about to protect ourselves, our equipment and our recreation.

The future of SSAA TV looks promising and the SSAA is committed to providing high-quality and relevant content for the benefit and enjoyment of our members. We look forward to reaching two million views in the near future. Make sure you subscribe to SSAA TV so you don’t miss out on any new videos.

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