SSAA supports feral animal control bill

SSAA welcomes the news that a feral animal control bill has been heard in the Legislative Council in Western Australian for the second time. The Game and Feral Animal Control Bill 2018 was read in the Legislative Council last month by Agricultural Region MLC Rick Mazza of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

The bill aims to provide a safe and regulated hunting system in Western Australia to benefit the state’s economy and environment, as well as a positive boost to the mental and physical wellbeing of the shooters involved. Western Australia is home to 10 of Australia’s most endangered species. 

SSAA WA President Ron Bryant said the bill is a huge positive. “Legitimate shooters in a controlled manner, at no risk to the public, being able to take out feral animals which are placing our most endangered species at risk can only be a good thing,” Mr Bryant said.

“Bilbies, bandicoots and quolls are already on the endangered list. Adding to that, this service will be delivered at no cost to the community, being driven by volunteers.”

Similar to New South Wales legislation, the WA hunting system will involve the use of an online booking and GPS system, as well as a requirement to wear blaze orange clothing. The GPS system clearly identifies where a hunter is and where he or she is allowed to hunt.

The booking system will require participants to report back on the type and numbers of animals taken from declared public land on completion of their hunt. The bill is expected to go through standard parliamentary processes in the new year.

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