SSAA supports Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust

The SSAA is strengthening its efforts to protect and enhance the environment and Australia’s wildlife by throwing its support behind the launch of the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust (CWRT).

To kick-start the SSAA’s support and to celebrate the 50th edition of Australian Hunter magazine, $1 from every Australian Hunter sold will be donated towards this worthy cause. The ongoing donation commitment will allow the CWRT to begin work to support research activities and fund the acquisition of land to begin another valuable and significant contribution to conservation in Australia.

CWRT Trustee Associate Professor Graham Hall said the importance of having a public fund supporting further wildlife research was key to ensuring wildlife management practices were effective and adaptive to Australian conditions.

“It’s imperative that Australia’s wildlife and environment are scientifically examined and we expand our knowledge base,” said Dr Hall. “There are gaps in knowledge regarding a variety of species and this trust will fund further research to help to close these gaps.”

The SSAA’s support of the CWRT provides SSAA members, family and friends, as well as the wider Australian community an opportunity to invest in the long-term future of the country.

SSAA National Special Project Officer in Hunting Matthew Godson said the CWRT would allow members a direct way to support research that focuses on conserving the natural environment that many members use for a variety of recreational activities.

“The rationale behind the formation of the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust is the continued need to preserve and maintain the habitat that our wildlife requires and fund research projects that lead to better understanding and management of a variety of wildlife species,” said Matthew.

“As an Association that has a relatively untapped resource of people who care for the environment, it is only fitting that we take a further step and throw our support behind the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust into the future.”

As Australia’s leading hunting and sports shooting association, the SSAA already has a strong relationship with the academic and conservation communities. The SSAA actively works with The University of Queensland on its Red Deer and Chital Deer Research Projects, and has assisted various academics to produce research publications on quail and waterfowl.

SSAA CEO and Australian Hunter Managing Editor Tim Bannister said, “The fundraising efforts of the Australian Hunter and the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust go together hand in glove as does hunting and the SSAA’s many other environmental activities.”

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