SSAA Springvale one step closer to being owned by SSAA Victoria

Most people agree that owning is better than renting, but for more than 40 years the land which occupies the SSAA Springvale Range has been leased from the state government. It is uncomfortable to realise that if anything were to cause that deal to go sour, the range would have nowhere to go.

Fortunately, on May 26 the Victorian Upper House passed the Land Revocation Bill 2016, which paves the way for SSAA Victoria to purchase the land. “The Land Revocation Bill 2016 administratively moves the land that the Springvale Range resides on, allowing the Association to fulfil its long-standing goal of purchasing the land,” said SSAA Victoria Chief Executive Officer Jack Wegman. The opportunity to purchase the land still has some steps to go but securing ownership of the land will ensure a strong future.

Much of the thanks go to SSAA Victoria, as well as Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Jeff Bourman. “This step, one of many, is the toughest as it involved the political arena and failure to get it through would have stopped the process dead,” said Mr Bourman.

The SSAA Springvale Range, which is located on the Princes Highway in Springvale, allows people to shoot rifles, pistols, air rifles and air pistols. The club also serves as a meeting place for current members and a starting point for many beginners new to shooting. Securing the future of the popular range will be a huge boon for our sport and will help ensure the longevity of sports shooting locally and generally.

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