SSAA sponsors new Hunting the Menu series

A new television series will debut on screens around Australia on January 23, offering a fresh look into the world of hunting. The SSAA is proud to be a major sponsor of Hunting the Menu, which will target hunters and non-hunters alike. The show lifts the lid on the process of hunting and preparing food, providing tips and insight into what hunting is all about. Non-hunters will gain an understanding and appreciation for what goes into their food and make them think about their own connection with nature. It is a very useful first step for educating the wider public about firearms and hunters, while hunters may recognise some of the faces in the show and might even learn a thing or two themselves.

Each episode of Hunting the Menu begins with host Corey Wilson and hunter Shane Simpson being presented with a menu from gourmet chef Andrew Dawson. Corey and Shane must then hunt, catch, or trap whatever animal is required for Andrew to cook and prepare in the recipe.

Viewers might not recognise Corey, but he is a veteran of Australian TV with decades of experience behind the camera. On the other hand, most SSAA members will be familiar with Shane from SSAA TV’s Field to Fork series on YouTube. Shane is essentially the hunting guide to Corey in the show, as the audience follows Corey’s quest to learn how the land and waters can produce sustainable food for homes and kitchen tables.

Throughout the series Corey and Shane hunt, fish, dive, trap and spear across the country. On land, the two mates shoot feral pigs, goats, deer, wild cattle and even peacocks. In the water they fish, trap yabbies, dive for abalones and catch an array of marine creatures, demonstrating along the way not just the sustainability and environmental benefits, but also the health advantages of organic eating.

Rounding off each episode, Andrew cooks whatever Corey and Shane bring home. Seasoned hunters in particular may appreciate this part the most as Andrew creates a mix of everything, from humble everyday recipes to unique and extravagant master pieces. The general public is likely to appreciate the usage of the animals and gain an understanding of what hunting is all about.

Corey is happy to be sponsored by the SSAA and even happier to be able to spread the message about hunting. “The SSAA is supporting hunting because that’s what a lot of its members do,” he said. “Lots of hunters are also cooks and are passionate about the entire hunting process, including the eating.”

SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister is excited to spread information about hunting in new parts of the community. “We are extremely pleased to be able to promote hunting not only to our members but to the general public in an honest and compelling way,” said Tim. “This follows the success of our Field to Fork cookbook and marks a new era in our promotion of hunting as a safe, sustainable and healthy activity for everyone.”

Hunting the Menu is will hit screens at 8.30pm AEDT on January 23. The show will be broadcast on Aurora TV and community TV channels. Episodes will also be uploaded on a delay to YouTube and Vimeo, but all the latest information can be found at on the SSAA website, the Hunting The Menu website and on the SSAA National Facebook page.

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