SSAA National puts forward preliminary submission paper on NFA technical review

SSAA National has put forward a preliminary submission in response to the technical review of the National Firearms Agreement to the Attorney-General’s Department.

The submission expresses our concerns that the NFA review could see further restrictions placed upon our members and Australia’s hundreds of thousands of licensed firearms owners, without addressing the real issues on the illicit market and criminal activities. The 1996 NFA and 2002 National Handgun Control Agreement has had serious negative impacts on almost every aspect of our sport since their inception, with no evidence of benefitting public safety.

The NFA review, including our submission, will be discussed at a Law, Crime and Community Safety Council meeting in November, with any proposed changes due early next year.

We encourage all members to read our submission, and to know that the SSAA will continue to work towards ensuring the protection of our members’ freedoms and their interests.

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