SSAA National 2020 AGM

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia held its first-ever digital AGM this month, commemorating a challenging yet memorable year for the Association. About 50 delegates attended the 58th Annual General Meeting, held online for the first time in SSAA history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting reported on national activities during 2019, many delegates saying that now seemed a lifetime ago. While challenging, the year was very productive and brought a strong rise in female membership along with an overall increase of three per cent, nearing the milestone of 200,000.

After more than six years at the helm, National President Geoff Jones has stepped down and will fill the executive position of Past-President, the position taken up by businessman and former Senior Vice-President Lance Miller. Lance wears many hats and was previously chairman of a commercial board and is the current President of SSAA NSW.

He takes on the presidency with years of professional experience and, as a hunter, knows first-hand the needs of the shooting community. “I’m a hunter and recognise the valuable contribution our sport’s disciplines make to this organisation, especially providing volunteers to manage ranges and essential training for new shooters,” he said. “I believe strongly in inclusive communication and am willing to work with our members and other shooting and associated sports groups with the intent of supporting our sport.”

Lance is also looking forward to working with all the SSAA states and territories when advocating for sporting shooters, public relations, training and safety. The meeting sent its thanks to Geoff for his tireless efforts as President during the past six years and welcomed Lance to the role. Victorian President and former Junior Vice-President Denis Moroney will step into the role of Senior Vice-President.

Denis’s background is in the ownership and management of multiple small businesses and he was heavily involved in motor racing for many years. He held the position of SSAA Junior Vice-President for three years and sits on the SSAA SHOT Expo and finance sub-committees as well as being on the SSAA Insurance Brokers board.

Junior Vice-President is now Hellen Gill of Queensland who is also President of that state. Without change is the position of Secretary which is retained by Kaye McIntyre, while Alf Bastian will continue in his role as Treasurer and Public Officer.

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