SSAA launches 2013 Year of the Hunter

Hunters play a vital role in ensuring the sustainable future of our fauna and flora, and in 2013, the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) is celebrating the Year of the Hunter.

Men and women across Australia are continually working behind the scenes to protect our country’s natural environment and manage wildlife, and it is for this reason that the SSAA is putting the spotlight on their hard work.

The SSAA has about 150,000 members Australia-wide, with 80 per cent of those members hunting either recreationally, for food, or as a wildlife management tool.

SSAA Special Project Officer in Hunting Matthew Godson said he supported research from the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, which stated that, without hunters, the economic effects of pest animals in Australia would far exceed $740 million annually.

“Hunters should be celebrated for the work they are doing on a daily basis for our country and this is what the SSAA’s Year of the Hunter is all about,” he said.

SSAA National spokesperson Tim Bannister said there are many reasons why hunters hunt and these include managing wildlife on the land, enjoying a healthy recreational pastime or occupation, or simply putting food on table.

“However hunting is defined, the SSAA believes it is important to recognise the role of hunting in this great nation’s heritage and its crucial role in a sustainable future,” Tim said.

To learn more about hunting in Australia, see the ‘SSAA launches 2013 Year of the Hunter Fact Sheet’.

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