SSAA issues personalised metallic cards for lifetime financial members

Your SSAA is issuing special symbolic membership cards to members who make a lifetime commitment. From now on, any loyal member who commits to becoming a lifetime financial member of the SSAA will receive a personalised satin stainless steel card to mark their commitment to the cause.

These sparkling mementos have been introduced as a show of gratitude to those members in all states and territories who have pledged a long-term alignment. Whether that member became a life-long financial supporter many years ago, or only signed up for the long haul during recent months, they will be eligible for the commemorative adornment.

The stainless steel card will not act as a replacement for the current plastic membership identification, but supplement the ID item as a token only.

The personalised card is seen by the SSAA as a fitting way of saying thank you to its ever-growing band of financial life members. The backing of these loyalists is what helps to keep your Association strong in its crusade to safeguard the freedoms of the Australian shooting fraternity.

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