SSAA in top 100 blood donation contributors

The SSAA currently ranks in at number 85 for the group with the most blood donations in the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s Red25 program. SSAA members have donated hundreds of times already this year and in doing so have saved more than 1000 lives. This is a great achievement and we thank everyone who has contributed. Once again, the shooting community has shown Australia that we are ready to help, we are selfless and we are active members of our communities.

The Red25 program allows workplaces, community groups, schools and even shooting organisations such as the SSAA band together to tally the number of times they donate blood and compare their results with other groups. The name ‘Red25’ is inspired by the goal of ensuring 25 per cent of Australia’s blood donations is secured. Donated blood can be made into 22 different medical treatments, which include treating people with cancer and other blood diseases, patients requiring surgery, pregnant women and making immunisations.

SSAA member Serena Prokop is a donor service consultant at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and is thrilled with the SSAA group’s results. “There have been over 7500 Red25 groups that have donated this year, so to rank 85th is a fantastic achievement!” said Serena. “I have been a SSAA member for nine years. Apart from me tagging along to the range with my dad with his handgun for his security licence, I wasn’t around firearms much until I met my partner, Jimmy. I actually had no idea I was allowed to get a licence and own firearms until I met him. Jimmy then helped me get my licence and we then joined the SSAA and our local gun club at SSAA Para Range in South Australia.”

If you’re a SSAA member and you are already donating blood or you want to start donating, make sure you become a member of our SSAA Red25 group. You can join the group and have your donations contribute to our tally by asking your consultant when you call the Blood Service to book an appointment on 13 14 95.

Otherwise, you can go to and register to join the group online. If you are unable to donate, you can always encourage friends or family that are eligible to donate and join the Red25 group.


SSAA’s Red25 group blood donations





2017 (YTD)

Total Donations





Lives Saved





The donation tally as of September 11, 2017 – we think we can still easily increase those numbers!

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