SSAA gains clarification from Minister Keenan on lever-actions

SSAA National has been directly involved in consultations with Justice Minister Michael Keenan throughout the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) review and today sought clarification on some points of contention surrounding lever-actions.

While there have been some unverified reports regarding lever-actions and the appropriate category, we have confirmed with the Minister today that there has been no discussions about re-categorising lever-action rifles. This was also stated in a face-to-face meeting with SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister at the Firearms Industry Reference Group (FIRG) last week, and again reiterated today in our conversations with the Minister’s office.

SSAA National is aware that there have been discussions surrounding the appropriate classification of lever-action shotguns through the Firearms and Weapons Policy Working Group (FWPWG) and through consultations we have been involved in. The Minister today confirmed that these discussions are ongoing and we understand no decision has been made.

Members should continue to contact their local political representatives to ensure our views are being heard, and we encourage you to read our submission which clearly expresses our views on the existing NFA and any potential changes.

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