SSAA Election statement

Ask the question, inform your vote

Find your local candidates and their individual policies this federal election. It is common for candidates to hold their own policies to issues such as firearm ownership and hunting that stray from that of their party.

The political landscape is looking promising for independent candidates and smaller parties this election and voters have great power when considering their options.

According to commentators, a scenario where the two major parties may be forced to forge agreements with smaller players could play out.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA National) is happy to work with any political party or parliamentarian on sensible, workable firearms policy.

Much of the debate around firearms on a federal level has involved thinly veiled anti-gun messages amid discussions of improving public safety. While not as obvious or uncompromising as we’ve seen via, Gun Control Australia or by those within the Greens party ranks over the years, the core of these seemingly well-meaning messages remains similar.

When you cast your vote later this month, we encourage you to use the following information as a guide of those who support our recreation and industry. However, don’t just vote for a party – take the time to find out what your local member and candidates think about shooting. Political parties can certainly set the party line, but history shows us we have supporters, and detractors, that come from all sides of politics.

Our only advice would be to again ask that you put the Greens last. Their continual attacks and utter refusal to engage with the law-abiding firearms community speaks volumes about how they see all of us.

The 209,000 members of SSAA National’s state and territory branches spread across Australia have the opportunity, together with their friends and family, to vote with the interests of our sport and pastime front of mind. Make your voice heard.

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