SSAA and Aussie Ark bushfire appeal

In response to the devastating bushfires raging across Australia, our friends at Aussie Ark have put together an appeal for help. Funds from the appeal will go to the communities worst affected, wildlife worst affected, Aussie Ark critical refuge habitats as well as bushfire prevention, rehabilitation and species/habitat recovery.


Aussie Ark, in partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), has launched the Aussie Wildlife Bushfire Appeal which has been kicked off with an impressive $50,000 donation from GWC.


The SSAA and Aussie Ark have a long history of working together to save native species. Starting in 2010, Aussie Ark more than tripled the number of Tasmanian devils and began releasing them back into the wild in 2015. Aussie Ark have continued to re-populate and re-introduce native species across Australia, including endangered species like rock wallabies and eastern quolls.


This week’s bushfires have already destroyed millions of hectares of land and conditions don’t look like easing significantly any time soon, but Aussie Ark will be on the front line doing all they can for injured, lost and displaced wildlife. This is a time when native species are particularly vulnerable and plenty of work as well as money is needed to guarantee their survival against extinction.


Donations towards the Aussie Wildlife Bushfire Appeal can be made here.

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