Sporting Shooters support Police on illegal gun strategy

SSAA National Secretary Mr. Roy Smith today said Australia's largest group of legitimate firearm owners welcomed the latest initiative from the New South Wales Government in the fight against the illegal gun trade.

“Following up on their previous strategies of best practice ballistic science and technology, gun detector dogs and heavy penalties, the Carr government has now added another weapon to the armoury in the fight against illegal gun-related crime”, Mr. Smith said.

“The SSAA fully supports “Operation Vulcan” and encourages not only members, but all legitimate firearm owners to supply police with any information concerning the trade in illegal guns. This is another opportunity for licenced firearm owners to indicate to the broader community our abhorrence of those who carry, use and market illegal firearms”, Mr. Smith said.

“I admit to having both a professional and personal interest in any sensible strategy that removes illegal guns from our streets. I am the proud father of a young police officer who daily patrols a community that in recent times has been inundated with illegal firearms. This proposal to encourage our community to assist our police in ridding the streets of illegal handguns is a positive and welcome move.”

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