Spika seal the deal with ThermTec

Spika, Australia’s largest hunting gear and firearm storage company, has announced a strategic partnership with ThermTec, a leader in high-quality thermal imaging devices designed for serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. ThermTec’s state-of-the-art technology ensures exceptional accuracy and resolution, robust construction and user-friendly interfaces for unparalleled performance in the field.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the Australian hunting sector, combining Spika’s distribution powerhouse with ThermTec’s cutting-edge thermal scopes and monoculars. The partnership aims to enhance what’s on offer in Australian stores by introducing ThermTec’s entire hunting range of optics. This includes six focused optics ranges with an impressive 35 model variations to cover your needs in the field and turn night into day.

The teams have also pioneered an industry first by working hand-in-hand to secure localised warranty servicing unparalleled in the current issue-laden market and, unfortunately, what has become the status-quo among some competing thermal brands.

“We’re excited to partner with ThermTec,” said Spika CEO Dean Anderson. “This collaboration aligns with what we’re all about at Spika – providing awesome gear to Aussie hunters, the best customer service as well as making sure stores are also being looked after. There’s plenty of other thermals on offer at the moment but we’re keen to bring a big player to the game and do what we do best at Spika. Top gear, great prices.”

The new range of ThermTec thermal optics will be rolling out of Spika and on to the shelves of your nearest Spika stockist in coming months. More at www.spika.com.au/thermtec-thermal-imagery

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