Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party election statement

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (SFFP) is the largest political organisation dedicated to protecting and furthering the rights of law-abiding firearms owners. No other party has delivered on a commitment to protecting shooters’ rights like the SFFP. With five Members of Parliament already serving in three different states, 2016 is our best chance to secure our first federal Senator (or two).

We are the only political party that has consistently fought for your rights in the face of increasing red tape and vilification of law-abiding firearms owners. Our representatives are working tirelessly to ensure that our culture is protected and our freedoms are returned. The events of the past 18 months have confirmed one thing: law-abiding firearms owners cannot trust our government. Calls for more unnecessary regulation and the demonisation of law-abiding firearms owners have become commonplace among opportunist members of Federal Government and media. Not to mention, changes to the Senate voting system have been specifically designed to try to lock out minor parties like ours.

We need representatives in government who recognise the cultural and economic significance of hunting and the value of firearms ownership – someone to call out the lies, scaremongering and bullying. To that end, our five-point action plan embodies our commitment to delivering a fairer outcome for all law-abiding firearms owners:
1. Repeal the 1996 National Firearms Agreement of COAG;
2. Vehemently oppose the establishment of a Commonwealth Firearms Registry;
3. Expand access to appropriate public lands and waters for all recreational users, including hunters, fishers and four-wheel drivers;
4. Remove federal red tape regulations for firearms imports where relevant state and territory requirements have been met; and
5. Table a Bill outlawing animal liberation-based hate campaigning.

Our communities can’t afford another three years of neglect by either of the major parties, supported by their mates in the Greens. We will advocate for pragmatic solutions to the real issues facing Australians, regardless of political correctness – a voice of reason, commonsense and conservation, not media hype and scare campaigning. United, we can affect some real change and deliver fairer outcomes for all shooters, fishers and farmers. No other party is committed to protecting your freedoms and injecting some commonsense into government like us.


Andrew Skerritt

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate, Senate, WA
“It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to represent so many great Western Australians involved in shooting, fishing and farming.
“My family has a small farm in Narrogin, WA and I have been involved in shooting, fishing and farming all of my adult life. I work as a barrister, practising criminal and commercial law and have represented lots of shooters and farmers along the way.
“In the current political climate it is vital that Western Australians involved in shooting, hunting, fishing and farming have a strong voice actively protecting their rights from ill-informed politicians and an aggressive media. Law-abiding shooters, hunters, fishers and farmers have been vilified and stripped of their rights for far too long. It’s time it stopped.
“I look forward to representing all the shooters, farmers and fishers as well as protecting the rights of all Australians as a member of the Senate for WA.”

Ross Williamson

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate, Senate, WA
A lawyer since 1986, Ross Williamson, 57, is a successful criminal defence lawyer and the most experienced firearms lawyer in Australia. He has appeared in the High Court of Australia in criminal cases and the Supreme Court in firearms cases. He has always been involved in the many campaigns for shooters’ rights. He sadly recalls the WA Parliament passing the law that banned duck seasons (thanks to an ex-Liberal Party member) in 1992.
For Mr Williamson, the fallout from Port Arthur is easily remembered. “The worse part of that time was the demonisation of private firearms ownership by the media,” he said. He helped the Pastoralist and Graziers Association in its efforts to change the law so that cattle station workers could have handguns. He has just written an extensive submission to the Law Reform Commission, which is about to make recommendations about WA’s firearms laws.
Mr Williamson brings to the SFFP valuable expertise. “I am keen to expose the anti-firearm view as for the ignorant nonsense that is the child of the authoritarian, urban-centric, the primitivist green, socialist thinking that is wrecking this country” he said. A farmer’s son who used to use a gun everyday as a boy and still a keen hunter, Mr Williamson has certainly seen Australia change over the past 50 years.

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