Shock-jock Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party would be an injustice for shooters

Shooters, be warned: a vote in the Senate for Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party would ultimately be used to further restrict law-abiding firearm owners and see an all-out assault on our chosen recreation. And with the party drawing the favourable number-one Senate ticket spot in Victoria, shooters are urged to spread the word against voting for the self-described “human headline”.

In a recent radio interview alongside Victorian Senator Ricky Muir on Melbourne’s 3AW, Mr Hinch aired his borderline hysterical opposition to private firearm ownership and use. Littered with misinformation, particularly surrounding the legalities of lever-action shotguns, and coupled with his stance on animal justice reading suspiciously like an animal rights manifesto, Mr Hinch is no friend of law-abiding firearm owners, shooters or hunters.

The SSAA-LA applauds Senator Muir for speaking out in a calm and factual manner against the mistruths being peddled by the likes of Mr Hinch regarding legal firearms use. The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s statement, as featured in our Special Edition: Federal Election ASJ, further demonstrates his support for our chosen recreation.

But Mr Hinch’s anti-gun comments provide a timely reminder for shooters ahead of the July 2 election: don’t be fooled by a friendly political party name and do your research on where your vote goes.

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