Senator Ricky Muir holds government to account on Adler ban

Victorian Senator Ricky Muir moved a motion in the Senate on 13 August, essentially forcing the government to admit that the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun currently satisfies the requirements of a Category A firearm.

The Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator moved that the decision by the government to temporarily suspend the importation of the Adler was taken without consultation with the firearms industry or the 800,000-plus licensed, law-abiding recreational firearm owners. He also moved that the government recognises that the firearms and hunting industry contributes more than $1 billion annually to the Australian economy. Senator Muir followed up his motion with a question about this in question time.

The government’s response indicated the temporary ban on lever-action shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds will remain until the review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) is completed early next year.

All Senators from the Australian Greens Party voted against the motion.

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