Security reminder this season

As many workers enjoy a well-earned break at this time of year, it is timely to offer some tips to keep your family, home and firearms safe during the festive season. If you’re going away, make sure you have a secure social media profile that only your trusted friends can see, as would-be thieves are known to trawl Facebook and other online profiles for potential targets.

Our tips for navigating the social media minefield provides a useful guide, including urging caution when posting photos of hunting trips or your new firearm which can act as a virtual advertisement for thieves.

If you are selling or buying firearms online, we strongly urge caution in what information you make public. Some members prefer to have silent phone numbers as they are less traceable, while postal addresses also keep your location – and the location of your firearms – more secure. All firearm transactions must be handled through a licensed firearm dealer, while all firearms must be stored in accordance to your state or territory regulations. Check out the SSAA’s Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport publication for storage information, as well as links to each jurisdiction.

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