Sea to Summit introduces Sleeping Mats

Sleep is one of the fundamental human needs. If you don’t get it, you start to fall apart quickly, and nothing can interrupt your precious relaxation time like being cold or uncomfortable.

Sea to Summit has poured a considerable amount of time, expertise and passion-for-slumber into creating a better sleeping mat. All that research and development has led the company to producing a new range of Sleeping Mats equivalent to the pocket-spring luxury, thanks to its Air Sprung Cells.

The comparison of Air Sprung Cells to a luxury pocket-spring mattress is not facetious. Under load, each cell deforms independently, conforming to your body shape, providing more contact area and an even dispersion of pressure and comfort. Air Sprung Cells differ from the traditional baffle construction of other air mats on the market because they are constructed using a dot-weld pattern. This pattern creates a high-surface-area matrix of interconnected chambers.

But Air Sprung Cells are just the beginning of the innovation of these mats. Depending upon the model you choose, the Air Sprung Cells come as a single layer or dual independently-inflated layers. Single layer mats still provide a gloriously warm and comfortable sleep, but in a package aimed at the weight conscious. Adding a dual layer not only doubles down on comfort and warmth, but also has a few extra advantages – you can fine tune the amount of air in either layer to perfect your sleeping platform. And, if by some horrible twist of fate, you get a hole in one layer, the other layer will stay inflated, keeping you off the ground and asleep.

The mats boast Sea to Summit’s revolutionary new Multi-Function Valve, where mats can be inflated with ease, deflated rapidly or fine-tuned for customised comfort. The mats can be inflated with the optional smart pump or, if you want to travel super light, by mouth.

All insulated mats come standard with a very lightweight Exkin Platinum barrier, which reflects radiant heat back to the sleeper, as well as a synthetic THERMOLITE Insulation to keep you roasty toasty in even the coldest conditions. Either technology is wonderful on its own, but together, they are plush and will stave off even the most bone-chilling cold.

The Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat range includes three models: the Ultra Light, Comfort Light and Comfort Plus. Between these is something for everyone, from hardcore Light is Right fastpackers to the more chilled Comfort is King camper.

Sea to Summit Sleeping Mats will be available in stores, including at Paddy Pallin, from mid October.


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