Safe shopping advice with SSAA Gun Sales

SSAA Gun Sales is the perfect place to go online for a wide range of firearms, accessories, camping gear or collectibles but users are reminded to take steps to protect themselves when shopping on the internet.

As Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories sales website, every precaution is taken to protect users with an extensive verification process when joining, thus offering protection against typical scammer account behaviour.

However, it is important every individual is aware of how to make good purchasing decisions online and how to protect themselves from being caught up in a scam purchase. Buyers and sellers on SSAA Gun Sales are heavily vetted, but the terms and conditions of joining stipulate the SSAA is not responsible for any transactions or issues with purchases.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before buying online:

  • Product pictures – Are there multiple product pictures available? Is the photo of the actual product itself or is it a stock image from the web? Actual photos of a product are indicators of a legitimate listing.
  • Seller behaviour – Is the seller responding appropriately? Are they using polite and correct language?
  • Product listing – Is there an adequate product description? A good seller will explain what is included in the sale, the item’s condition and other relevant supporting information.
  • Pricing – Is the price reasonable? If a listing has a bargain price, it often is too good to be true.
  • Seller contact – Keep your messaging on-site and avoid passing on personal identification and banking details to protect your identity.

SSAA Gun Sales started in 2016 and to date there have been 31,842 items listed and 26,377 sold on the marketplace. If at any time you have a concern about a listing or user, you can contact us by emailing [email protected] All listings and new user applications are monitored daily.

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