Ruger advises recall on Mark IV pistols

Ruger and its Australian distributor NIOA are advising owners of Ruger Mark IV pistols to immediately stop using the firearm. It was recently discovered that all Mark IV pistols, including 22/45 models, manufactured before June 1, 2017, have the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilised correctly.

Owners of the Mark IV should return the pistol to their place of purchase. Once returned, the firearm will be sent to NIOA (or another distributor) for a Ruger-authorised update to the safety mechanism. If you are unsure where to return your Mark IV, please visit the Ruger website.

According to Ruger, the Mark IV pistol has the potential to fire at any time. “If the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the ‘safe’ and ‘fire’ positions (that is, the safety is not fully engaged or fully disengaged), then the pistol may not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, if the trigger is released and the safety lever is then moved from the mid position to the “fire” position, the pistol may fire at that time.”

Mark I, Mark II and Mark III pistols are not affected by this recall and while some Mark IV pistols may not be affected, owners are urged to exercise caution and check with Ruger by submitting their pistol’s serial number.

If NIOA imported your Ruger Mark IV pistol, please call NIOA’s Customer Service on 07 3621 9999 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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