RSPCA SA stands by disgraceful anti-hunting comments

The RSPCA South Australia board has stood by insulting media comments from its CEO Tim Vasudeva, who publically labeled duck hunters as “sadistic” and insisted they “should be in hospital somewhere having a psychiatric evaluation”.

The despicable comments published in the state’s main newspaper were immediately challenged by the Conservation & Hunting Alliance of South Australia (CHASA) with the support of SSAA South Australia, who wrote to the RSPCA SA board stating the facts on duck hunting and rightfully pointing out that such discriminatory comments called the credibility of the animal welfare group into question.

Sadly, the letter of response received indicated that the RSPCA SA was standing by its CEO and even reiterated the RSPCA’s apparent “long-standing policy opposing recreational hunting”.

SSAA SA President David Handyside said it was highly inappropriate for the RSPCA to have such a policy in the first place, given the Royal seal comes from the Royal Family who has a long history of partaking in recreational hunting in the form of fox and waterfowl hunts. “SSAA SA will continue to support other likeminded groups in our united quest against such attacks on legitimate hunting activities, particularly when they are spread by a group with a clear anti-hunting agenda,” he said.

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