RSPCA misguided on Duck issue

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc. has rejected a recent call by the RSPCA for a national ban on duck hunting. SSAA spokesperson Mr Keith Tidswell, said that well regulated hunting and culling programs were a proven part of environmental management all over the world. Mr Tidswell cited a recent paper by Dr David Carter, which outlines the potential for properly managed recreational hunting to help ensure the maintenance of important wetlands in Australia.

Mr Tidswell went on to say that the RSPCA appeared to be allowing emotion to guide their policy position rather than good science. Mr Tidswell said that while the RSPCA did some outstanding work “on this particular point they seem very misguided.”

Mr Tidswell claimed that the RSPCA had been very supportive of several SSAA managed culling initiatives in the past and their apparent change of heart on waterfowl hunting was very disappointing. Mr Tidswell said “There appears to be a disturbing shift within the RSPCA away from questions of animal welfare and towards animal liberation.”

The SSAA Inc. intends to lobby strongly against the move to ban duck hunting and it will be actively encouraging its 120,000 members and their families to reconsider their support of the RSPCA if the organisation continues with its present policy.

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