Rhino-Rack Pioneer racks to pack

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will be able to transport their equipment with ease thanks to the ground-breaking Pioneer range of roof-racks from Rhino-Rack. The sturdy structures that fit neatly on the roof of any vehicle are the brainchild of the Rhino-Rack company, which has long prided itself on its cutting edge technology to assist adventurers everywhere.

Back in 2010 Rhino-Rack altered the approach to gear being carried with the coming of the Pioneer Platform and Pioneer Tray. Committed four-wheel-drive explorers can now transport heaps of kit for their treks into the outback or on camping expeditions and know that they will arrive at their destination with it all safe and sound.

Matt Hankin, a spokesman for the Rhino-Rack group, said there had been a “very positive response” to the revamped roof-racks. “What we are finding is that there has been a great deal of interest shown from tradies as well as the four-wheel-drive and adventure community,” he said.

Created from aluminium and fibreglass reinforced nylon, the Pioneer range is remarkably lightweight and yet strong. It is hard-wearing enough to survive in any harsh environment and so adaptable that it can accommodate almost any item, large or small. Cars, vans, four-wheel-drives and even trucks can all be fitted with the Pioneer range, which can handle loads of up to 360kg (800lb) on the road. With the ability to relay utensils safely and securely on a vehicle’s rooftop, the Rhino-Rack creations will augment carrying potential and at the same time free space up inside for enhanced comfort for passengers.

The range is made up of a series of models, which mirror the Rhino-Rack reputation of excellence. With a streamlined and low-profile outline, the Pioneer Platform offers scant wind drag and noise en route. Also, a level layout and no side rails provides ample access to gear from all four sides. Loading, unloading and securing cargo is straightforward.

Designed for weekends and workdays, the Pioneer Tradie delivers the perfect means for the transportation of long loads that extend beyond the foot of the platform. Fully welded rails on two sides provide a stiff tie-down point, with simple hand grips also assembled in the layout.

The Pioneer Tray has been engineered to enlarge load capabilities and ensure further security against shifting baggage while on the road. It even includes a front wind fairing to facilitate a smooth drive. These features, together with a fully welded, closed rail sidewall make the Pioneer Tray the definitive rooftop transporter.

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Trays will fit any existing roof-rack structure as well as the Rhino-Rack low-profile Backbone System. Finished with high-quality powder coating, the Pioneer range will not rust or fade. The models have been tested in extreme Australian conditions and are backed by a five-year warranty.

Recommended retail pricing for the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform starts at $519, with the Pioneer Tradie at $819 and the Pioneer Tray starting from $979.

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