Restricted duck and quail hunting seasons announced for South Australia 2011

Environment and Conservation Minister Paul Caica today announced the dates of the restricted duck and quail hunting seasons for 2011.

Mr Caica said recent surveys have shown there are sufficient numbers of duck and quail across southern and eastern Australia to allow a limited hunting season in South Australia this year.

Mr Caica said restrictions have been placed on the length of the seasons and the number and species of duck and quail able to be taken in recognition that some species populations are rebuilding as a result of the recent drought.

The duck hunting season will run from February 19 to June 26. There will be a total bag limit of 12 ducks per hunter per day, with a maximum of six Pacific Black Duck per hunter per day.

The quail hunting season will run from April 2 to July 31, with a bag limit of 20 quail per hunter per day. This is below the historical full bag limit of 25 quail per hunter per day.

Duck and quail hunting will not be allowed in Bool Lagoon Game Reserve because extended waterbird breeding is occurring due to recent heavy flows. Bucks Lakes Game Reserve will also be closed for the season due to low water levels.

Mr Caica said the decision to allow the season was made after a thorough consultation process, which considered evidence of the distribution and abundance of waterfowl in various habitats.

Mr Caica said the South Australian State Government strictly manages and regulates game bird hunting by licensed shooters.

“In recent years, there have been a number of stringent conditions placed on all duck hunters, including waterfowl identification tests, the compulsory use of non-toxic shot, changes to firearms legislation and standards for the humane destruction of birds by shooting,’’ he said.

“The State Government closely monitors each season to ensure there is a high level of compliance with these conditions, National Parks and Wildlife Act regulations and Animal Welfare Act regulations.

“Only hunters with a current open season endorsed hunting permit are accredited under this system.”

For further information on the South Australian 2011 restricted duck and quail hunting season, contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on 08 8124 4972 or visit

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