Recreational shooting focus for study grants

A bursary program worth $10,000 annually is being offered to support university study into recreational shooting.

The ongoing bursary program is offering support to university students studying a range of topics such as game management, psychology and journalism.

Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) Media Officer Rachael Andrews said the bursary would allow development on a topic that has largely been unexplored by many areas of academic study in Australia.

“Australia has a growing number of target shooters and hunters and with this growth comes a need for practical study of topics such as game management, ecology and legislation,” she said.

“We are passionate about supporting Australia’s academic community to allow credible non-biased study into aspects of our sport and recreation with a fresh-minded approach.”

The SSAA has always supported evidence-based policy and legislation and continues to work with bodies such as the Australian Institute of Criminology, Australian Customs, media outlets and the United Nations.

As Australia’s leading hunting and sports shooting association, the SSAA already has a strong relationship with the academic and conservation communities. The Association actively works with The University of Queensland on its Red Deer Research Project and has assisted various academics to produce research publications on quail and waterfowl.

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