Queensland MP’s calls to target real crims applauded

The SSAA-LA has long championed the need for precious law enforcement resources to be spent targeting organised crime and illegal imports, rather than policing law-abiding firearm owners. That’s why we welcome comments from Queensland MP Ian Rickuss who recently called for police to spend their time and efforts policing criminals rather than increasing their random inspection efforts.

The state Liberal National Party member for Lockyer told Channel 7 local news that checking up on licensed firearm owners is wasting time and money, pointing to only 0.5 per cent of inspections resulting in charges out of more than 6700 checks in 2014-15. “Let’s target the drug runners who are storing these illegal guns,” he said. Mr Rickuss has previously called for action on black market firearms instead of law-abiding shooters, identifying the need to target organised crime groups importing illicit firearms back in 2009.

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