Plenty in store as we contemplate what 2019 holds

Hearty greetings for the New Year to all our members and shooting enthusiasts everywhere. 2019 is shaping up as a stirring period for the SSAA and its ever-expanding membership base which continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Last year we broke new ground in many areas from media evolvement, conservation initiatives, burgeoning junior and female recruitment as well as political engagements with various groups in Canberra. So we must keep that momentum going as we continue our exciting journey into 2019.

It seems to me there’s so much going on in all these diverse spheres that you can’t help but be upbeat about what this great organisation can achieve. Yet unfortunately, no matter what the situation, it seems politics drives and underpins everything. With the NSW state election scheduled for March 23 and the Federal election following hard on its heels on a date tipped to be in May, that will be the case even more so this year.

Let’s just hope legitimate and law-abiding firearms owners across the country don’t become the traditional whipping boys for the law-and-order lobby. Already there have been worrying signs that a twisted misinformation campaign has begun. Sometimes it seems perverted political ideology seeks to undermine the standing of firearms owners in general, regardless of the facts.

As the coming political engagements loom ever larger, we in the SSAA must stand firm and support those who support us and defend our legitimate freedom to pursue our passion. There may be stormy weather ahead but the shooting sports are in a very healthy state. In keeping up with – and perhaps even skipping one step ahead of modern trends – we’ll be aiming to increase our involvement using digital technology and social media.

And in print, just take the time to flick through the pages of this bumper issue of Australian Shooter and note the sheer range of its content. There seems to be something for everyone and the diversity of topics is a great sign for future developments. The media and publishing agenda remains an invigorating challenge and the SSAA has been making continued strides in this arena.

Aside from those commitments, we can cast our eyes towards the revised format for the SSAA SHOT Expo which will take place in Melbourne in October. This occasion acts as a showcase for all that’s admirable in the shooting fraternity and always attracts plentiful and enthusiastic crowds wherever it’s staged. It is with much anticipation we await the revamped 2019 version.

So there we have it  plenty to look forward to as the year pans out. Rally round the SSAA cause and let’s enjoy the journey together.

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