Our new President a man of many disciplines

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA Inc) held its 62nd Annual General Meeting in Canberra in mid-May, which saw a changing of the guards. Lance Miller departed as President with Tasmania’s Andrew Judd taking the helm. The position of Senior Vice-President is now filled by Western Australia’s Paul Fitzgerald, while Victorian David Sherek returned for a second term as Junior Vice-President. SSAA stalwarts Alf Bastian and Kaye McIntyre retained their much-valued positions of Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

Andrew has a long history of volunteering and participating in the shooting sports. He received his first firearm at six years of age and started competitive shooting at the age of 12. He served on the Field and Game Council as a junior and joined the SSAA in 1979 to shoot pistol. He was president of a local Tasmanian branch on and off for around 12 years, was heavily involved in running silhouette events and performed the role of range officer for the Pacific Regional Shooting Championships.

Andrew has held the position of National Discipline Chairman for 17 years and been a SSAA Inc board member for 12 years. He’s still an active competitor, shooting in five national championships each year including the two shotgun nationals, two silhouette events and gallery rifle. He has also competed in the national lever field rifle and lever action events and has actually shot most of the SSAA disciplines at some point.

He grew up in Tasmania and lived in both Victoria and Sydney before returning to the Apple Isle. Andrew started his professional career in printing shops before serving as a soldier and working in a variety of fields including construction, civil construction, truck and crane driving and pest control.

 Long-time Australian Shooter contributor John Hill passed away recently at the age of 87. SSAA Inc Board and staff send their condolences to his family. John’s highly valued contributions to our magazine were widely appreciated and he will be missed.

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