OSA Buffalo River announces new .308 Win ammo

Australian hunters are always looking for the next generation of hunting and sporting ammunition and OSA Buffalo River ammunition has delivered it again with the introduction of a .308 Winchester round using the new Sierra 135-grain hollow-point varmint projectile.

According to the Australian distributor Outdoor Sporting Agencies, the new .308 Win round is manufactured here in Australia using the highly acclaimed and time-proven ADI propellants and is designed to suit the extreme hunting and game species that Australian hunters regularly encounter. The round exhibits consistent velocity across extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, while delivering accurate and highly effective performance to eclipse the game. The shooters at ADI range-shot the round over several 10-shot groups at 100m on an open range and produced group sizes less than half MOA.

For pricing and availability of this new .308 Win loading, as well as others in the OSA Buffalo River range, visit your local gunshop.

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