One Nation

One Nation supports responsible gun ownership and will preserve current laws which allow law abiding citizens access to firearms, whether it be for work, farming or sports-related activities. We do not believe further stringent measures or regulations are required regarding licensing.

We do not support the Australian Federal Police Association’s call to prohibit licensed firearm holders from purchasing ammunition for firearms they do not own. Case-in-point, many of our licensed members may borrow a family member’s .22 calibre rifle, and therefore have a need to buy and store their own ammunition.

Stringent background checks by Weapon’s Licensing, run by state Police have already determined the good character of all license holders.

We support a National Firearms Interface that will assist Federal Police to monitor the sale, supply, and movement of firearms across Australia, but do not support a centralised, Canberra-based registry. This would only hinder licensing and PTA processes run by states.

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