Off-grid power generation with the Powermonkey Expedition

Powertraveller is proud to present the winner of the ISPO Gold Award 2014/15 – the Powermonkey Expedition. This product will offer infinite power to allow the user to be truly without boundaries by launching the world’s first multi-fuel device. With an ever-increasing number of people heading out to the world’s most remote locations, it is evident that a growing amount of mobile devices are going with them. The need for unlimited, off-grid power has never been greater and now, we can supply it.


This world-first in off-grid power generation from Powertraveller is a revolution in portable charging technology, bringing together multiple ways in which to naturally, yet efficiently generate power.

You can charge the massive internal battery in five ways; via hand-powered crank, wind, solar, AC mains or water. Its revolutionary design even allows you to generate power via solar and wind simultaneously, giving a full recharge of the battery in 5-8 hours in optimum conditions. Featuring both 12V DC and 5V USB outputs, the Powermonkey Expedition is capable of charging everything from two-way radios, satellite phones and smartphones, to GPS, head lamps and SLR cameras, plus a plethora of other devices. You can also charge devices from both outputs simultaneously while charging the internal battery, giving you the freedom to keep working.

The Powermonkey Expedition has been cleverly designed so that additional charging options can be included at a later date. Alternative ways to charge the powerful 10,500mAh battery in the future will include a steam turbine, gas and hydrogen fuel-cell, so whatever situation you find yourself in, the Powermonkey Expedition ensures your devices will never run out of power.

With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65, the Powermonkey Expedition is completely dust-tight and can withstand water jets directed from any angle – perfect for even the harshest of environments.

The Powermonkey Expedition is the culmination of Powertraveller’s expertise in portable charger manufacturing and feedback from extreme ambassadors using our products in the field; including mountaineers Squash Falconer and Kenton Cool and legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

The Powermonkey Expedition goes on sale worldwide in June 2014. Enter your details to receive updates on the product, advance notice of release dates and availability in your part of the world.


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