Now showing: The Lithgow F90 on the big screen!

The Australian designed and made F90 rifle by Lithgow Arms will be the centerpiece of new film Pacific Rim Uprising. The F90 will be used throughout the sequel to Pacific Rim as a firearm of choice.

As Lithgow explains: “The F90 made its film debut last year when it featured as the ‘hero’ weapon of choice in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, followed by ABC’s Cleverman Season 2, which aired on TV last year (you can catch all episodes on iview). Now, with Pacific Rim Uprising, the F90 adds another Hollywood blockbuster to its bio.”

The talented development team of Australian designers behind the rifle have not only created a world class firearm, but one that has Hollywood smitten. The F90 is now not only defending us, it’s being used to entertain us – what more can you want from a rifle?

Lithgow have a distinct place in Australian history, having supported Australia’s soldiers from the First World War to the present day. It was also the first mass-production manufacturing facility in Australia, in any industry. Lithgow describe their F90 as one of the lightest assault rifles on the market at 3.25kg, enabling fast reaction times and rapid target acquisition, a clear advantage in close quarters combat. Back in 2016 we reviewed the F90 and covered the history about of the rifle came into existence.

So if you were planning on heading to the movies sometime soon, why not celebrate Australian firearms manufacturing at the same time? While we haven’t seen the movie ourselves yet, we are quietly confident the good guys can put the F90 to good use and put the bad guys in their place.

SSAA National congratulates Lithgow on another achievement for Australian firearm manufacturing, and with so many action movies coming out, maybe it’s time to introduce an Academy Award category for ‘best rifle’ or ‘best firearm’! We reckon the F90 would be a shoe-in.

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