Nioa thanks supportive politicians in gun law statement

Rob Nioa, principal of Australian firearm distributor Nioa, has released an update on recent discussions surrounding the 1996 National Firearms Agreement review, the Adler lever-action shotgun temporary ban and classification, the formation of the new Industry Reference Group and on the future of Australia’s gun laws.

In his August 17 statement, Mr Nioa criticised those who seem determined to implement further restrictions on firearm owners. However, he also thanked those politicians who have been publicly supportive of shooters and the firearms industry, and he encouraged firearm owners to write to those politicians and thank them for their support.

“In a perverse twist, there are a group of politicians and bureaucrats hell bent on opposing the reviews recommendation by proposing more not less restrictions on licensed firearms owners and ultimately starving front line police of the resources they need.

As parliament sits again this week, we have plenty of politicians to thank for their incredible efforts supporting the rights of licensed firearms owners, and we have a few politicians that need to be reminded that we are not going to sit quietly and watch them get a few cheap headlines at our expense. Could you please take the time to email your thanks to the following members for their efforts in supporting us.”

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