Nioa responds to gun control extremists’ call to ban licensed firearms

Robert Nioa, the managing director of Australian firearms importer and distributor Nioa, has today released a statement responding to new calls from gun control extremists to ban licensed firearm owners from owning registered lever-action shotguns.

“Fanatical gun control advocates have called for a ban on licensed farmers and firearms owners from owning registered lever action shotguns. This is despite the individuals going through a rigorous process of demonstrating to their local police that they have a genuine reason for owning the firearm. Licensed firearm owners are being targeted even though they have completed a safety course, have established safe storage facilities and have submitted themselves to full police background checks and been proven to have no criminal history.

The particular firearm is primarily used for feral pest destruction in areas where feral pigs are devastating local flora and fauna and causing financial hardship for farmers. Federal Police and Customs officials have confirmed the gun singled out by the extremists operates no differently to lever action shotguns that have been available in Australia without incident for over 100 years.

It is extremely disappointing that these fanatics appear to have no interest in tackling the illicit firearms market which is linked almost entirely to the illicit drug trade. Rather, they are hell bent on attacking farmers and the people that help them.

None of the extremist groups have backed the Firearm Industries call for a permanent national amnesty for the surrender of unlicensed firearms.

They appear to have no interest in improving public safety and continually fail to demonstrate any understanding of the licensed firearms market.”

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