New Tikka ammunition poised for Australian take-off

An alliance of top-notch firearms names is ready to launch an exciting venture exclusively for the Australian market. One of the nation’s best-selling rifle brands, Tikka, will soon boast its own make of ammunition, which has been perfected expressly with consumers Down Under in mind.

Beretta Australia has teamed up with Sako, the Finnish manufacturer of Tikka rifles, to work on the line of ammunition that both parties deemed ideal for Australian shooters from the perspective of performance and value for money. After being created in Finland by Sako for export, the new variety will be distributed by Beretta Australia. The initiative will cover a wide range of Australia’s most popular calibres, including .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield.

It is a development that has certainly struck a chord with Beretta Australia’s senior product manager Clemente Scribani Rossi, who saw enormous potential for the groundbreaking innovation. “It truly is a very exciting time,” he said. “Tikka is such a well-known and loved rifle brand, to be able to get the same brand for ammunition will delight shooters.”

Clemente outlined how he thought the new line could prosper. “This ammunition is loaded with soft-point projectiles made by Sako, which is perfectly suited to Australian game animals.” He also alluded to other aspects that would make the newcomer a winner. “Another key point is the quality is absolutely assured. It is produced straight out of the same factory that the very high-quality Sako cartridges come from,” he said.

The Tikka franchise proudly proclaims its assets in the hard-hitting mantra of incredible accuracy, uncompromising reliability and consistent stopping power.

Beretta Australia’s senior marketing analyst Leisha McCallum added her thoughts about the product launch. “It’s exciting because it is an Australian exclusive,” she said. “Sako-branded ammunition has been around for a while, but this Tikka version is slightly different and been made specifically for the rifles. We are expecting it to be flying off the shelves.”

The first container is due to hit Australian shores from Finland in January 2016. So in next to no time, dealers will have plentiful supplies of an enticing addition that is sure to spark phenomenal demand.

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