New low from the Greens – Lee links legitimate firearms to terrorists

It came as no surprise that the Australian Greens Party jumped at the opportunity to further attack legitimate firearm owners, banding with Gun Control Australia (GCA) to support a flawed report into Australia’s gun laws last week. The SSAA was quick to slam the report, authored by known anti-gun writer Philip Alpers, pointing out that the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) is a non-binding guide on which the states base their gun laws as they see fit.

New South Wales Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, who attended the report’s launch with state MP David Shoebridge and GCA’s Samantha Lee, strangely denounced the sensible decision by all state and territory governments to focus on terrorism prevention following a meeting between leaders. “The police cannot fight terrorism if they do not know where private guns are located,” said Ms Rhiannon in a press release. “Legally owned firearms are a regular source for those looking for weapons to commit terrorism and criminal acts.”

The SSAA totally condemns the offensive link between law-abiding firearm ownership and terrorist activities, especially when time and time again it has been the unlicensed criminal with an unregistered firearm committing offences. The distasteful comments once again prove why the Greens cannot be taken seriously when it comes to public safety.

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