National President on lever-actions under scrutiny by legislators

SSAA National President Geoff Jones penned the following piece, ‘Adler lever-action shotgun hysteria unjustified: SSAA’s Geoff Jones’, for The Weekly Times newspaper, published Wednesday, 1 July 2015, following media reports that lever-action firearms were under scrutiny by legislators for further possible restrictions.

To find out what the SSAA is doing about this issue or to share your concerns, please contact your state SSAA branch. SSAA National issued this press release addressing our member’s concerns, which gained momentum on our Facebook page, and is liaising with federal politicians and key stakeholders about this issue.

Adler lever-action shotgun hysteria unjustified: SSAA’s Geoff Jones

The recent media-driven hysteria about lever-action firearms and the apparent push to re-examine current legislation is unjustified.

Lever-action firearms have been legitimately used for more than 150 years. They include a simple mechanism and require manual loading. It is not a self-loading or ‘semi-automatic’ firearm by any stretch of the imagination.

Every licensed firearm owner has already been deemed a fit and proper person by the very authorities that are insultingly implying purchasing a firearm made from old technology will somehow threaten society.

The SSAA hosts numerous national and international competitions which see our members use lever action rifles and shotguns. It is a safe and enjoyable aspect of the sport that is popular with both young and older shooters.

Claims that lever-action is “new technology” and capable of “rapid fire” demonstrates blatant ignorance and shows the paranoia of some who clearly don’t understand our sport and pastime.

Further suggestions that firearms legislation is once again under the microscope is irresponsible media rhetoric. Quite frankly, authorities would be better off investing resources in addressing how criminals can obtain firearms illegally and easily through Australia’s porous borders, as found in the recent Senate Inquiry.

New firearms laws would not have stopped terrorist Man Haron Monis enacting the Sydney siege, as stated by those investigating this terrible incident. It is not the laws that are the problem: it is the enforcement of these laws and the failure of authorities who refuse to inform themselves about the reality of illegal firearms.

If the authorities are actually serious about addressing the real criminal threat of illegal firearms, they are heading in the wrong direction.

The reaction in some media has been unjustified and nothing more than a shallow attempt to bully police and authorities into covering for their lack of commitment in dealing with real issues.

Unfortunately for all of us, nothing is perfect and we can’t restrict everything to prevent those in our society who want to do us harm, as they will always find a way.

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