Milwaukee four-mode M18 LED Search Light good news for hunters

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts will be eager to utilise the latest high-output lighting innovation developed by Milwaukee Tools. The pioneering company has added to its array of options by introducing the M18 LED Search Light, which would be an ideal accessory for hunters on the go in the outback after dark. The light will fit the bill perfectly with active SSAA members, who will be able to illuminate or spot on an area at distance as they target ferals and other pest animals.

The new Search Light possesses a beam range of more than 640m and is blessed with 1250 lumens of light, enabling users to spot further afield and flood brighter. The light is fitted with four alternative forms of operation. The Spot variable assists in identifying hitches from afar, while the Spot/Flood can be brought into use to cover a wider view of the surrounding area. A Flood mode delivers a further extensive beam for area coverage and task lighting, while the Strobe mode can be implemented for communication and safety needs.

The Search Light harnesses Trueview technology, which involves the most advanced LED exponents and optical patterns to guarantee a consistent beam, optimised color temperature and vivid representation of features thus producing the perfect environment for hunters’ forays into the night.

The M18 Search Light weighs 2.2kg, which means that it could be carried by a member of a hunting group or used for reconnoitring from a vehicle. Created to survive harsh environmental conditions, the light is attuned to the M18 cordless system, now with more than 100 power tool products available.

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has enjoyed a proud history since its inception in 1924 of being a leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories for professional concerns all around the globe. The firm originated in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and has its products distributed in Australia by Techtronic Industries, which is based in the Melbourne suburb of Rowville.

Milwaukee assistant brand manager Clara Harrosh verified that the firm’s new M18 LED Search Light could be a helpful apparatus for hunters. “Some of the Milwaukee tools are lifestyle products as much as anything else so they don’t have to be used exclusively on a job site or work site,” said Clara.

The Milwaukee company prides itself on delivering the grandest quality, most durable and ultra-reliable items that cash can buy.

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