Member alert: Antique firearms stolen in Victoria

A SSAA member located close to Melbourne recently had 12 antique firearms stolen from her collection. The firearms were inherited from her father and the total collection is worth more than $100,000. All of the firearms are registered, with about half of the stolen firearms classed as collector items.

The firearms include:

  • .38-56 WCF single-barrel target rifle with new barrel, no serial number.
  • Army & Navy CSL 12-gauge shotgun, serial #3097 (not pictured).
  • Greener WW Cadet conversion falling block single-barrel .400/360 Westley Richards, serial #023596.
  • Hollis & Sons London, Alexander Henry Patent, falling block single-barrel .500×3″ BPE rifle, no serial number.
  • J Murcott, Haymarket London, Sniders Patent, rolling block RX single-barrel .577 Boxer rifle, no serial number.
  • KFC 33, SH, BO, SB, 12-gauge shotgun, serial #145343 (not pictured).
  • Marlin Ballard Union Hill No.9 centrefire falling block .38-55 WCF target rifle, serial #35118.
  • Stevens Favourite Rim Fire falling block single-barrel .22 rimfire rifle, serial #18066.
  • Westley Richards 1897 .450×3¼” Nitro centrefire falling block single barrel .450/400 Nitro Express, serial #36086.
  • Westley Richards falling block single-barrel .500×3″ BPE rifle, serial #1271.
  • Winchester 1885 High Wall .38-56 WCF single-barrel target rifle, Harris Scarf mark on stock, South Australia, serial #96397.
  • WW Greener Cadet conversion Martini-Henry MH single-barrel .22LR target rifle in case, serial #021834.

While police are investigating this matter, we urge SSAA members to report anything suspicious to police, or if you come across any of the firearms pictured, please contact Detective Sergeant Grant Lewis on 03 8530 5225.

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