Meet our new Media and Political Liaison Officer

Matt Hee joins the SSAA with a strong background in the communications, media, policy and political fields.

After beginning his career working to improve Australia’s organ and tissue donation rates, he spent the next decade in higher education policy and lobbying with the Australian Technology Network, the national coalition of universities of technology. Following that, during the course of two elections and four prime ministers, he spent an eye-opening five years as a Media Advisor within Federal Parliament.

Matt is a self-confessed political junkie and is keen to use his ‘behind the scenes’ experience to help educate our politicians about an often-misunderstood sport, represent the interests of shooters, and contribute to a sensible national firearms policy. He is a strong believer that the best way to drive political change is through constructive engagement and positive messaging, backed up by good policy ideas.

He is an avid reader, science fiction buff and gin enthusiast who lives in Adelaide with his wife and two cats, in a house perpetually under renovation. Matt was a regular recreational shooter in his younger days and looks forward to reacquainting himself with the sport and becoming part of today’s shooting community.

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