Make your vote count!

In the lead-up to this year’s federal election, SSAA National approached all the major political parties for statements about their views on private firearms ownership, sports shooting and recreational hunting in Australia. We have compiled these statements, along with profiles on several candidates both for and against our sport, to provide you with useful information to help you cast your vote.

While, on the whole, we’re not going to tell you which party to vote for in the Lower House, we would strongly urge that whatever you do, remember to put The Greens last in the Senate. It is no secret that The Greens are openly anti-civilian firearm ownership and anti-hunting and have a lock-up-our-forests mentality.

The Greens have had a long history of calling for bans on self-loading firearms and especially handguns. In short, they are a danger to our recreation, and our way of life. This is why when voting for the Senate, it is essential to correctly number every candidate below the line and ensure that The Greens are placed last.

To be honest, you need to be a scientist to understand the complex web of preference flows, but if you vote The Greens last, you can rest assured that they won’t indirectly get your vote. You will control your preferences and not be subject to the backroom party deals of the political parties.

Educate yourself about the views of each political party and then stick to your guns on Saturday, September 7, to make your vote count.

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