Lee labels law-abiding shooters as suppliers to black market

In another display of contempt for legitimate shooters, notorious anti-gun mouthpiece Samantha Lee has falsely declared that registered firearms from licensed firearm owners are “flowing into the illicit market”. She then went on to label a government minister “reckless” for allowing the continued importation of some lever-action shotguns; by her erroneous calculations, their allowance somehow means organised crime syndicates are no longer importing illicit firearms and are instead stealing century-old “rapid-fire” lever-action shotguns from legitimate shooters.

Following Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s announcement that lever-action shotguns of more than five shots will continue to be banned from importation until the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) review concludes, Gun Control Australia’s Lee told online publication The Guardian that all lever-action shotguns, regardless of their capacity, should be banned. “This ban gives Australians a false sense of security that rapid-fire weapons are being restricted under current laws – they are not. The move to ban the Adler 7+1 was simply a smokescreen to cover his reckless approval of the Adler 5+1,” she said. “The minister has ignored the fact that the overwhelming majority of guns flowing into the illicit market actually come from the legal gun market through theft or illegal sale.”

The icing on the cake came when Ms Lee insinuated criminals are not illegally importing firearms as they are apparently in the market for lever-action shotguns. “Criminal organisations would not bother to illegally import rapid-fire weapons when there are thousands already available in Australia – and the number is growing daily,” she said.

In an article lacking in balance and no calls received by the SSAA to give expert commentary on the issue, the latest claims from Ms Lee show once again that the anti-gun lobby will stoop to any level, including fear mongering, to see further restrictions on our chosen recreation. Ms Lee continues to ignore all the evidence and outcome from the Senate Inquiry into the issue, which showed licensed firearm owners are not the primary source of supply to the black market, instead choosing to espouse more mistruths in what is another attack on legitimate firearm owners.

The SSAA Legislative Action (SSAA-LA) department has contacted the online publication to correct the record and offer evidence-based comments about the reality of the black market, including the fact that less than three per cent of firearms stolen from legitimate owners are subsequently used to commit a crime.

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