Lamellar hunting gear launches online retail shop

Australian hunting gear specialist Lamellar has extended operations by launching its online retail shop. The online distribution outlet means that hunters and outdoor adventurers will be able to scan the firm’s apparel products and gauge for size, color and camouflage variations.

Lamellar’s marketing director Tom Chan hailed the expansion, promising customers that orders made from the relaxing setting of their own homes would be dealt with securely and smoothly. Mr Chan outlined the ambitions of the Lamellar online endeavour. “The aim of the online retail shop is to improve the customer experience of Australia’s hunting and outdoor community who are often located away from the city centres in the outer suburbs and across rural Australia,” he said. “The recent rollout of the NBN network has led to the rise in internet accessibility for the hunting and outdoor community.”

Mr Chan also detailed Lamellar’s policy on delivery and after-sales service commitment. “Our policy allows customers to return or exchange a product within a specified period, not only if the size does not fit, or the camo or color is not well suited to their hunting environment, but Lamellar will honour a return or an exchange even if the customer simply decided to change their mind,” he said.

Among the most popular Lamellar products are the Breeze t-shirt and pants, which are fashioned for warmer weather. They are light, airy and comfortable. The t-shirt is ventilated and the pants can be turned into shorts. To cater for other climatic extremes, Lamellar’s long-sleeve Eco Active Thermal shirt will ensure wearers are warm, dry and relaxed even on those cold outdoor hunting treks.

Established in 2008 in Sydney, Lamellar is a dedicated outdoor clothing and equipment provider, committed to delivering Australian hunters and shooters with the quality items that they deserve. With Lamellar staff having extensive links to manufacturing for many hunting and clothing companies across the globe, it was inevitable that such experience and expertise was transformed into specialised outdoor products which are specifically geared for the Australian market.

From sodden swampland areas to vast woodlands and searing shrub tracts, Lamellar clothing is manufactured to protect outdoor enthusiasts from the most energy-sapping environs Down Under. Generous outlay for examining and implementing the most up-to-date fabric technologies in tandem with state-of-the-art camouflage designs ensures that Lamellar provides the most durable hunting gear available.

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