Knobloch K5 shotgun glasses

Australian distributor Frontier Arms has added the super-slick, German-designed Knobloch K5 shotgun glasses to its burgeoning stocks. The precision-made optical gems are an ideal accessory for two-handed shooting, Rapid Fire pistol, or Trap and Skeet shotgun disciplines.

Features include nickel silver frames with a height-adjustable nosepiece. Curl-side ends are silicon covered for added comfort. Blank lens are supplied, with the option of prescription lenses being fitted.

Among the optional extras is a cover disc with holder. This goes over the non-aiming eye, allowing the shooter to leave both eyes open for a smooth appraisal during the sighting process. The disc is 30mm wide and can be turned upwards when not in use. It is available in black, white and transparent.

Another effective bonus to consider is the Knobloch K5 clip-on filter, which helps the shooter to counter changeable light conditions. These are available in yellow, orange, red, brown, green, grey, amethyst and polarised.

The glasses are the brainchild of German optician Bruno Knobloch, a former champion marksman with the German national team, who experimented to create his own unique frames. He patented his innovation in 1957 and his business thrived. The operation is now run by his sons, Frank and Thomas, who are both ophthalmic opticians. The Knobloch group is in constant liaison with international shooters to retain its cutting edge and is official supplier to the German national shooting team.


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