Is shooting a billion dollar sport?

A new survey commissioned by the Department of Sport under Minister Bridget McKenzie will provide valuable data about the many economic, health and social benefits of shooting.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) has welcomed the release of the National Recreational Hunting and Sports Shooting Survey, saying it will confirm that shooting contributes more than a billion dollars to the economy, as well as providing valuable data about its health and social benefits.

SSAA National President, Geoff Jones, said the survey will help put into perspective a pastime shared by about one million Australians, who often feel its contributions are misunderstood by the wider community.

“We are grateful to Minister McKenzie for providing this opportunity,” Mr Jones said. “It’s something we have been lobbying for, and the Minister has listened.”

“We strongly believe that conversations and policy around recreational shooting should be based on facts, figures and meaningful data, to help inform constructive discussion and debate.

“At an economic level, we know recreational shooting and hunting contribute much more to the Australian economy than most people realise.

“The most recent study done in NSW estimated that recreational hunting alone accounts for at least $565 million of Gross State Product and 4,792 jobs – at low estimates and not even taking into account the contribution of the shooting sports.”

“We encourage all shooters to complete the survey, to help people understand the positive benefits that recreational shooting and hunting have both to individuals and the wider community.”

The SSAA is Australia’s largest association of sporting shooters, with about 200,000 members and 440 clubs across the country.

The survey can be taken at

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