Insulting article portraying hunters as criminals pulled following protests

An insulting and poorly worded article published on a car review website has been taken down following an outpouring of protest from the nation’s hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. The article, ‘Victorian High Country: This is not America’ published on, cast the lawful and legitimate recreation of hunting as some kind of dark, underground criminal activity.

The SSAA wrote to the publication explaining how the article was offensive to the nearly one million Australians who participate in the safe, all-inclusive pursuit of hunting. We made clear how it was a slur to portray hunters as crazed, untrustworthy killers. “Men with guns… make for a dangerous combination,” the author wrote, also adding: “Maybe I’m the prey.” As we said in our letter, it would be humorous if it wasn’t so insulting.

Many readers voiced their concerns directly by commenting on the website and on its Facebook page, explaining that hunting itself is one of the few accessible activities for people of all genders and ages. We, like many, also pointed out that many of our members enjoy off-road driving and own 4WDs and SUVs – the target audience for the article.

The article has since been removed, with an apology rightfully issued.

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